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Date:  1/18/2005 7:07:00 PM
Subject:  hi
Message:  why has it become so 'assur' for a girl to wear pants? is there any true way to dissuade someone from doing so besides for to tell her ppl will consider her differently? is this 'issur' merely a made-up societal thing and in the same nature as wearing a black hat?

if rabbanim are full of disagreements about halacha and each seems to be lshem shamayim, how is a girl who is not knowledgable in torah to know who to follow? how can she know that by following her father in choice of husbands minhagim, she will not be lead on the wrong path? are all the different opinions in halacha "What hashem wants" for the followers of those people?

Reply:  First and foremost, the best way to live as a Frum Jew is to have one Rov that you follow completely.
It is not "so assur" to wear pants. There are circumstances when one can wear pants. As an example, Rav Ovadia Yosef wrote once that it was Muttar in a specific case. If there is a need, please tell us the case.

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