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Author:  dave
E-mail:  rabbidw@cs.com
Date:  1/16/2005 11:39:00 PM
Subject:  Iyov
Message:  In regards to Iyov, why did he get such severe pain and suffering? Did you ever look into that?

Iyov was a Gilgul of Terach the father of Avraham. Terach was an idol worshipper his entire life, but did Teshuva before he died. His soul needed a cleansing that can remove that horrible past from his record. Iyov/Terach was an unbelievable soul. He fathered Avraham. He was given that chance to show that he has come back to God and is prepared to stay under any circumstances. He held out through everything and showed himself to be capable of the title and love that God gave him. In retrospect, I doubt he would have traded that period in his life for anything in the world. We don't necessarily need this kind of cleansing, but he was on a level that we cannot even comprehend. He wanted this, he needed this, he wasn't going to stay at a lower level in the real world. He said to God that he was not the man that he lived his life as. He asked for a chance to prove it and he did. I am humbled by his sacrifices.
I appreciate your taking my essay seriously and replying to it. I disagree respectfully, as my sense of Hashem is that HE is not meant for us to understand, and any attempt to explain the world does HIM an injustice. This is a discussion for a seminar in Jewish Theology and not for an internet chat room. There are many approaches that may be acceptable and I will leave it alone.
I do want to point out that your solution to Iyov is not a majority opinion. As a matter of fact there is one opinion that claims Iyov never existed. For what it's worth, that is how I understand it, with the lesson being not to be arrogant in attempting to understand G-d's ways.
Reply:  We can't be arrogant in attempting to understand God without the proper background and info. On the other hand, what is fed to us by our esteemed Rabbis, those same ones that carried our Mesorah (the passing down of our Torah thru the generations) to us, that is a whole different story.

The statement I made can be found in the Ram"a MePano and in several other places.

Your fear to explain the world is admirable, but you should not avoid accepting the explanations given to us by our Rabbanim. Doing that can border on dangerous.

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