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Author:  Yoily
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Date:  1/16/2005 8:55:00 AM
Subject:  SHATNEZ
Message:  Since i do not buy linen, I only get woolen clothing checked as a rule. But I am concerned about fillers and other possible problems. I am aware that wooland linen together stam, like in fewlt, is not a shatnez problem. But I wonder how far to go woth shatnez testing. I try to buy clothes that do not need checking, except for expensive suits, etc. But it seems that only man made fibers would be pure, any other natural blend could have traces of linen and wool. I once calle dthe OU and they laughed at my question about having a pair of cotton pants checked.

The labv will gladly check anything and collect a fee, but lemisa, does everything need checkinjg? Where should a careful yet prudent draw the line?
Reply:  We addressed this several times. No clothing needs checking, but when and if you know something has wool and linen together, you must have it removed in order to wear it.

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