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Author:  David
E-mail:  dave@wave.net
Date:  1/14/2005 1:55:00 PM
Subject:  tsunani for aa
Message:  i dont know if you let the 5 towns jewish press into your house but please read the article in this weeks addition jan 14 by a rabbi freidman how his school went to the sri lanka place in the UN to give 5 thousand dollars in aid. he quoted lots of gemarahs and stuff why we should have to and are not true torah jews if we dont help them thats strong. but sends his school to miss an entire day of learning to picket outside nazi war criminals houses. please explain
Reply:  Thank you for pointing it out. I cannot criticize this person without the info on exactly what was done and why.

I cannot speak for him. It could be something done incorrectly and it could be a training for the specific children in his school. Sometimes certain things are done in certain environments that might be wrong for others.

I didn't see the article and I don't know which Friedman. Half of our people are named Friedman (the other half Dweck).

Maybe he is dealing with a real Americanized crowd and wants to impress on them certain concepts that they would not get by sitting in a classroom. I am sure he did not send money to be given to the people who would have us dead.

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