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Author:  ben bli
E-mail:  ben@oal.com
Date:  1/10/2005 3:36:00 PM
Subject:  mechitza
Message:  ::They didn't have a Mechitza, that is for sure, but mixed, no way. (maybe)

They were definately mixed when they ate the korban pesach as a family. You are trying to project your super strict haredi point of view on to Judaism. If you knew anything you would know that Judaism on issues like mechitza is much more pius than it was even 500 years ago, let alone in antiquity when the korban pesach was eaten.

You are perprtrsting a fraud on this bogus website when you claim otherwise.

Reply:  I am not sure if you know how to read Hebrew, but if you do, take some time off of your busy day and look up Rav Moshe Feinstein's different Teshuvos and you tell me who is the fraud. How do you know "definately" that they sat mixed? Do you have a proof or is it the same proof that Avraham Avinu wore a Kippa, because of course he did?
What is a "super strict haredi point of view"?
What was different 500 years ago?

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