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Author:  jonathan weitsman
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Date:  1/10/2005 1:25:00 AM
Subject:  tsunami
Message:  Yelamdenu rabbenu what the applicability of "binfol
oyv'cha al tismah" is to this situation.

Also could I ask how you know this is punishment.



ps: I have been to Indonesia. Some people are
anti-Semitic, some are not. The Moslem fundamentalist
leader Abdurahman Wahid, who was President for a
while, tried to improve relations with Israel and to help
establish contacts between Israel and the Moslem
world. (He was removed from office for incompetence
before he could make good on this). He even had a
minister in the Israeli government for an official visit.
I do not think he was an anti-Semite.

Reply:  If we have friends there, we should certainly reach out to them, or at least feel bad for them. There is no logic in bulk assistance and sending millions of our money to just anyone. Our first requirement is our own families, then our neighbors, and so on. Why are we looking for charity causes in faraway lands when we have children in our communities that are homeless or living in horrible conditions.

Every action we do is expected to be done by thinking into it, not just as a reaction to emotions.

"Also could I ask how you know this is punishment."

When God kills out masses of people, what else is it?

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