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Author:  Paul Baker
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Date:  1/7/2005 8:46:00 PM
Subject:  Your response
Message:  Message:        does an adopted child who is a ger sit shiva for her adopted parents, shom she considers her real parents?
Reply:      Tough issue, but nope. Ger or Jewish from birth.

You really should have told her that while she does not sit shiva and she does not mourn in the ritual sense of the word, she certainly should grieve for those whom she regards as her parents, just as she ie required ro respect them wile they live.

Reply:  Grieving for someone is a personal choice, which I would assume would happen automatically.
A person whose parents don't get along with him (in a very strong way) and they pass away, is required to sit Shiva for them whether he wants to or not (whether he grieves or not).
You use the words "she certainly should grieve", which sound like she has a requirement to. There is no such requirement.

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