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Author:  dave
E-mail:  rabbidw@cs.com
Date:  1/6/2005 6:32:00 PM
Subject:  mixed seating and R' Moshe
Reply: It could be that Rav Moshe holds it is Muttar. We are still looking for the Teshuva that he supposedly wrote about it. I hope someone out there can get it for us. My father asked me to try to get it.
In reference to Rav Scheinberg, I remember my father sitting with my mother at a wedding in Deal a few years ago, also. The rest of the table was used by the guys from the Shul in Lakewood.
Our point is that the parents making the wedding should not have mixed seating. If one set of parents want it, it may not be worth the fight, but obviously only for their side's tables.

My point is that of course Rav Moshe holds that it is muttar. He made that kind of wedding for his daughter. As far as a teshuvah, I know that there were certain things that Rav Moshe did not want to answer in writing. My Bar mitzvah was made on Yom Ha'atzmaut as my parents were very much involved in the Mizrachi movement. Some of our friends and relatives were musmachim of Rav Moshe and asked him if they could go under the circumstances. (sefirah and music). He allowed them to go but his grandson told me a few years ago that he never gave a written answer to ANY question about Yom Ha'atzmaut.
You may not believe me about Yom Ha"atzmaut, but you must believe me about the mixed seating, because any bochur who has been in Rav Tendlers Shiur has heard the same story, and Rabbi Tendler is still alive and well to confirm it.
One other thing you may be interested in. Rav Tendler quotes Rav Moshe Ztl' as telling Rav Tendler that any transation of his teshuvot must be complete, not just yes or know, but laying out the sources and giving his logic. Rav Moshe said he did not want people accepting his psak on the strength of his name. He wanted people to follow his reasoning and then accept his psak.
I understand that on a web site such as this, there is no time for a full fledged teshuvah for every question, but for those that do want more background to an answer, an angry "because my father says so" really does not add anything. Perhaps if you could say that there are those who differ and not seem to consign everyone who disagrees with your father shlita to the ranks of amaratzim or apikursim you might not get the hostile feedback that you sometimes get. DW
Reply:  You need to read our replies a bit more carefully and you will see that we do as you advise.
The apikursus comment was made to a specific statement which I hope you disagree with.

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