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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR-Israel@013.net
Date:  1/6/2005 9:07:00 AM
Subject:  Haughty attitude!
Message:  HaDaR


1/3/2005 10:52:49 PM

Mixed seating at weddings


not available

1/3/2005 1:50:57 PM

mixed seating


Is mixed seating allowed or not? I don't understand why it matters who wants it or not? What is the prohibition against mixed seating and when is it permitted exactly? Please clarify.

Thank You!

What are you confused about? It is NOT allowed at a wedding!

Says who???

Could you please give sources????

This smells just like another chumrah chadashah by latecomers acharonim who ADD to Torah prohibitions!

Halakhà prohibits mixed seatings during TORAH TEACHING, when even uncovered women's heads are a serious problem, but THERE IS NO ISSUR for married people and families to seat at the same table!!!!

Were you asking a question?

And what is yours, an answer may be?... Is yours the answer of a rabbi?... What Derekh Erets, what 'anavà! A real excample!

Are we supposed to learn from such an answer, that families cannot sit together??? And from what source?

Or may be are we supposed to learn that you are so full of yourself, haughty and devoid of anavah that you don't answer questions if not asked in the form you prefer?

I tend to judge la kf zekhuth... so may be the problem is only that English is not your preferred language.

So, let me ask yuu the question in a simple way that you may understand:

Do RaMba"M or Beth Yosef say that it is ASSUR for members of the same family to sit at the same table during weddings?

Anyone else, is in my opinion a latecomer who brings chumroth, and has the azuth metzach to add prohibitions and insult the tannaim and rishonim who did not see it necessary!
Reply:  I know you don't really believe what you wrote in your last paragraph. That statement borders on Apikorsus.
You seem upset about my father's p'sak. This website was not created to explain the reasons behind the Laws. Just to give the answers to specific questions. Everyone knows that the Laws presented here are from my father, especially since I quoted directly from his Sefer. Why would you say "says who???"?
And in reference to my father fitting into the "This smells just like another chumrah chadashah by latecomers acharonim who ADD to Torah prohibitions!" category, I doubt anyone would agree with you.
If you can take a few minutes of your time and read all the "mixed seating" and "wedding " posts, you'll find most of the answers.
In reference to me being haughty, I've been jealous of AA getting abused all the time. Thanks

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