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Author:  JAson
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Date:  1/5/2005 1:12:00 PM
Subject:  Mixed Wedding
Message:  Reply:        Chill out!!!!!
His point is very simple. Stop attacking this Halacha with the hollowness of a newspaper. Use real points. A real point would be Rav Moshe says .... in Teshuva ...
Can you please fill in the blanks?

Orach Chaim first Chelek, Siman 41, Second to last paragraph
Reply:  That Teshuva is about not requiring a Mechitza. It says the same thing in Chelek #5 Teshuva 11 & 12 and Yore Deah - Chelek #4 Teshuva 24. We are discussing "mixed seating".
I didn't have enough time to read through the Teshuva, maybe I missed something. Let me know what you think after reviewing the other Teshuvot.

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