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Author:  alex
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Date:  1/4/2005 11:12:00 PM
Subject:  Ben Drusaiy
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

Regarding Shabbat cooking you wrote “You can even put raw food onto an oven or into a crockpot that is on a timer and not on yet” (post 9667). For some reason I was led to believe that food had to be cooked a little--to the level of KeMaachal Ben Drusaiy--before Shabbat.
From my understanding of this halacha, raw food cooked on Shabbat is outside the category of KeMaachal Ben Drusaiy, and therefore forbidden.

Please straiten me out.


Reply:  To begin Straitening you out we need to first clarify what type of strait you are looking for.

The straight story is that if you cook something before Shabbat you need to....
But if you put something in a cold oven, you did not do anything. If it then cooks by itself, you are not part of it. No person did any cooking here.

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