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Author:  Dovid
E-mail:  Dovid
Date:  1/4/2005 7:12:00 PM
Subject:  mixed seating
Message:  In an article in the Journal of Halacha in Contemporary Society (aka the RJJ Journal) a number of years ago, Rabbi Eli Clark surveyed the halachic literature on seating at weddings. [Note: this is not a plug for the publication!] It seems that there is very little basis, if any, for mixed seating at weddings in the poskim, rishonim through aharonim. I only post this to respond to those who, out of ignorance, consider separate seating a humra, or a new innovation. Historically it is simply not so. The burden is on those who make and attend weddings with mixed seating (and I include myself) to justify our practice, not the other way around.

Is a teshuva by Rav Moshe enough of a justification for you?????
Reply:  Chill out!!!!!
His point is very simple. Stop attacking this Halacha with the hollowness of a newspaper. Use real points. A real point would be Rav Moshe says .... in Teshuva ...
Can you please fill in the blanks?

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