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Author:  Jack D.
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Date:  1/4/2005 6:09:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Shatnez in your 2004 Honda
Message:  B'Khavod,

In response to post #10137, AA's tone suggests that the Sha'atneiz car upholstery is not problematic.

1. If I understand correctly (perhaps I don't), even non-clothing fabrics that are designed for personal use (e.g., blankets, bedding, and seating fabrics) are required to adhere to the laws of Sha'atneiz. Is this correct?

2. Previous posts (e.g., 9419, 9931, 9882, 4276) have made it clear that if one *knows* that a garment includes wool & linen woven together, that garment should not be worn (as in AA's response to 9931). Assuming that #1 above is correct, then if the OU has legitimately identified the Accord's upholstery fabric as containing wool & linen, why wouldn't AA similarly recommend against using it?

Thank you very much for the clarification,
Jack D.

Reply:  AA's tone represents all our frustrations from the Hashgachah INDUSTRY and their marketing strategies.

If you just tuned in, stick around a bit and you'll get the hang of it.

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