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Author:  Stephen Hawkins
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Date:  1/4/2005 8:38:00 AM
Subject:  Quantum Theory and hondas
Message:  Okay, you're laughing about the Honda.

Did anyone think a few years ago you would see wigs, clothing and refrigerators under nationally recognized kashrus organizations? Wait, you'll see furniture, cars, building materials and lawn care products with a nationally recognized kashrus symbol on the package.

What is an interesting novel trend in kashrus, however is the emergence of what we have coined "Quantum kashrus supervision". This is a concept borrowed from Physics and what it basically means is that if no one (halachically reliable witness) saw it happening, it didn't happen.

This novel concept can now be applied to all matters of kashrus that actually do require supervision. For example, restaurants and caterers who hire Gentile employees to cook food on Shabbos for Motzai Shabbos weddings and affairs have not cooked food on Shabbos as long as no observant Jew has witnessed the cooking happening. (That's right for all you Physics fans, under this theory, the cooked food would only be kosher because there was NOT a Mashgiach present).

In matters of Shehita, as long as a Gentile destroys the part of the animal that needs to be properly shechted BEFORE a Jew could witness that the animal may not have been properly shechted, it is kosher. (That's right, only kosher because a Shohet did NOT inspect the animal).

This revolutionary theory can be applied to Pesach hotels (no Jew SAW the hametz breading delivered to the kitchen on Shabbos Chol Hamoed (the kitchen was supposedly "locked") so if the Gentile employees used it in the fried chicken, it didn't really happen), Shechita, meat processing (there was no Jew in the plant on Shabbos to see whether or not the Gentiles properly soaked and salted and then packed and shipped so it must be okay), and endless other real life kashrus situations.

With the advent of "String Theory" in Quantum Physics I am sure that in the coming years we will all be able to look forward to even more novel and exciting applications of our ever increasingly fascinating world to the industry of Kashrus.

This posting comes to you from the 11th Dimension.
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