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Author:  mt
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Date:  12/31/2004 12:57:00 PM
Subject:  Conservatives
Message:  Regarding the following email:

Author:        compugraphd
E-mail:      compugraphd@earthlink.net
Date:      12/28/2004 2:01:52 AM
Subject:      veganism
Message:      B"H

I have been a long time vegan. I came to my beliefs because of my Jewish and Tora upbringing.

G-d's original diet for humanity is veganism. If I'm not mistaken, there are opinions (taking the prophesy in Yeshia of the Wolf lying down with the lamb in a more literal way that other commentaries) that in the time of Moshiah the world will again be vegan. This is my belief.

It is also my belief (though I guess none of us will know for sure until that time arrives) that in the time of Moshiah all the sacrifices (including the korban Pesah) will be of a vegetation nature.

How can I answer people who attack my beliefs as being "sinful"? I once had someone call me a Hota (sinner) and a Mahti (one who causes others to sin) for my vegan beliefs.

Reply:      Are you insinuating that when Moshiah will come, he will change the Torah. Or the slaughtering of animals and birds in the Torah are "of a vegetation nature".
Go ahead, eat as much green as you want. I'm not telling you to eat meat, but PLEASE!
Changing what the Torah says can be a very bad habit. The Tzedukim did it, the Conservative and Reform do it all the time, in order to meet their needs.
(Many people have to be vegans in order to survive in the non-Jewish world or in their non-religious homes. That is very understandable and commendable. I'm not talking about them)

....I was not aware that the Conservatives changed the Torah. I really thought they used the same Torah as Orthodox, Did they add something, remove something, or substitute something? I am intersted in the specifics of these changes.

Thank you.
Reply:  Okay, they use the same Torah, they just don't follow it.

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