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Author:  Chaim Abadi
E-mail:  chaima@aol.com
Date:  12/30/2004 9:12:00 PM
Subject:  Oats & Instant soup clarification
Message:  Thank you, RRI, for your keeping us on our toes. It is very important for us to be as clear as possible. The problem is sometimes we rush our answers for lack of time to answer all the posts. It can be hard to focus on previous discussions that we either one of us may not be aware of. The good thing is, people are pretty fast to question us, which is great.

Oats and any other instant foods that we add hot water to, can be done with hot water from the urn that was put into a cup without the food and then poured into the food or the food poured into the cup with the hot water in it.
If a food is already cooked and dry, you can pour hot water straight from the urn onto the food. At this time we are not sure which category oats is in. Traditional soups are usually cooked first. Read the package before Shabbos to be sure.

Reply:  stay tuned

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