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Author:  aryeh
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Date:  12/29/2004 9:13:00 AM
Subject:  Aid for tsunami victims
Message:  You have stated that it is not permitted to give money to a non-Jewish beggar on the street. What is the halacha regarding sending money to relief agencies in Asia at this time?
Reply:  You can't just give to Jewish Beggar, either. Any charity must go to a verified recipient.

As I said earlier, we Jews are very silly. Many Indonesians are extremely antisemitic, yet we are jumping to help. We need a little dignity. Just a little.

Look at this....

.....In Jakarta, Indonesia, about 5,000 demonstrators -- most from the Muslim Justice Party -- gathered around a monument across from the presidential palace in the world's most populous Muslim nation Sunday, denouncing the Israeli offensive, burning Israeli flags and chanting anti-American slogans.
CNN April 8, 2002


Look online and you will see that although they have barely seen a Jew in that country, they hate him with a passion....

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