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Author:  dbl
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/23/2004 8:29:00 PM
Subject:  ge monogram
Message:  dear rabbi,
GE has a line of kitchen appliances called monogram.i found out only today that their "all refrigerator model Z1R36NMRH"and "all freezer model Z1F36NMLH" in this line may be a problem for shabbat and therefore cannot be purchased.i contacted GE at 800-444-1845.they were able to tell me that ALL of their other products have either a shabbat mode or a kit to remedy the shabbat problem.however these two items do not have either.please if you could, what is the halachic issue here and how can it be fixed.(since this item has been ordered, as well as custom panels made to apply on these appliances -this could be a costly problem for me.)
Reply:  I don't know of any Shabbat problems. Shabbat mode is a new gig. Who got the rights to the supervision?

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