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Author:  Harry
E-mail:  sorry@cant.com
Date:  12/21/2004 12:51:00 AM
Subject:  True Freedom
Message:  Hi. Due to a number of reasons, I have stopped wearing underwear. Someone told me that this is halachically incorrect and that I have no separartion between my heart and body. I dont think they always had underwear, it being a relatively recent innovation. I got very angry at the person, and I have reasons why he should also stop. Why everyone should. It is very unhealthy, it stops people from having kids heaven forbid, do you know that there are tons of people paying a huge fortune to get procedures for having kids?

This is just one of the reasons why men should stop wearing underwear. There are many. But first can youa nswer whether he is right or wrong?
Reply:  What about boxers?

Besides, there are many people that I wished didn't reproduce.....

In regards to prayers, if the clothes are against your body, as ours are today, it is fine. The problem was when men used to wear dress-like clothing and their heart was exposed to their private parts. That is a problem by Shema and so on.

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