Coconut Water, RX Bars

Are the following kosher for pesach? Coconut Water, Kirkland Signature – Ingredients: organic coconut water, organic sugar, ascorbic acid RX Bar, Chocolate Hazelnut – Ingredients: Egg whites, hazelnuts, cashews, chocolate, cocoa, Natural flavors RX Bar, Coconut Chocolate – Ingredients: Egg whites, almonds, cashews, chocolate, Natural flavors, sea salt, coconut RX Bar, Chocolate Cherry – Ingredients: […]

Childrens Tylenol – Strawberry, Bubble Gum, & Cherry

Hello, I was wondering if Children’s Tylenol posed an issue for use on Pesach? The inactive ingredients list “flavors,” but not what their source is.  Thank you!’s-tylenol-pain—fever-oral-suspension-strawberry/ID=prod402317-product’s-tylenol-pain—fever-oral-suspension-bubblegum/ID=prod5499-product’s-tylenol-pain—fever-medicine,-dye-free-cherry-flavor,-cherry-flavor/ID=prod3934262-product

Ezekiel Breads

What is the Beracha on these items? No Flour. 1. Regular: INGREDIENTS  Organic Sprouted Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans, Organic Sprouted Spelt, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea Salt. 2. Cinnamon Raisin  INGREDIENTS: Organic Sprouted Wheat, Organic Raisins, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted […]